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My Cosmic Academy 

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Infuse your life with more
magic, meaning and self-mastery.

Hi, I'm Bella ♥

Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Mystic & Transformational Facilitator. I offer support to heart-centred, soulful women, who lack purpose and are disenchanted with the world around them. I am a RADICAL Self-Love advocate and a firm believer that loving yourself is the key to unlocking your full potential and embracing your most joyful life possible.

Through tangible tools and intuitive insights, I will help you to fall in love with yourself and your life.  Using a grounded approach to spiritual teachings, I bridge the gap between the Spiritual and Earthly realms to create a more accessible and relatable understanding of the woo woo world. Within all my practices and teachings, I encourage you to go deep and live from a place of authenticity, all while applying an explorative and playful approach to life. 

Join me for a journey of Self-Love, Purpose, and ALL THE MAGIC in between. 


Self-love is the foundation from where all good things in life blossom. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have - nurture it & it will transform your life. 

Purpose & Meaning

Purpose & meaning are essential ingredients for a truly fulfilled life. Once established, these integral components will be your driving force in life, motivating you to take action & achieve your dreams.

All the Magic in between

The magic in between is like the icing on the cake, enriching your experience & filling your life with laughter & joy. This will support you with making the journey as magical as the destination. 

What my Clients are saying...

"I honestly feel like I can’t put into words how amazing Bella is, she is so approachable and made me feel really listened to. Bella is so encouraging and it’s impossible not to be inspired by her and her wisdom! Thank you Bella from the bottom of my heart 💜 you have changed my life and you are truly beautiful and magical 💜"

Kelly Marie

"Bella's courses are enjoyable & extremely powerful. She has a gift in communicating & delivering wisdom that ACTUALLY STICKS. It's like she knows the way the brain works & I felt myself shifting & transforming quickly throughout the course. I highly recommend any of Bella’s courses. Go for it - it could change your life!" 


"Before I started I was feeling stuck and unsatisfied with the direction my life was going in, I had forgotten somewhere along the way the things that bring me joy. During each session Bella helped me re-discover this and she also taught me the tools I would need to help me get closer to my own personal life mission."


“Bella came into my life at a very strange time & became the grounded voice guiding me & anchoring me as I was in the process of remembering myself. Her ability to face traumas with her calm, soothing, & somehow very appropriately humorous way, was my pillar during some of the hardest times of my life."


"Make the Journey as Magical as the Destination." - Bella Luna